The Center has opened registration for the Innovation Louisiana 2017 conference on November 6 and 7 that educates attendees on turning cutting-edge scientific discoveries into viable businesses. In celebration of the fifth annual conference, the Center is embracing ingenuity from across the state and highlighting local experts in healthcare, research, and beyond. The conference will feature two New Orleans-based keynote speakers who will discuss harnessing scientific advances to address serious global crises of the past and present.

Michelle Hatwood is the Curator at the Freeport McMoRan Audubon Species Survival Center, an endangered animal breeding center. She will discuss this innovative program, which is employing recent research advances to conserve endangered species from around the world. Robert Wallace, STEM Education Coordinator at The National World War II Museum, will cover the development of life-saving antibiotics during World War II that revolutionized healthcare and the current antibiotic resistance crisis that now threatens modern medicine.

Additional conference speakers include experts from the FBI, the Department of Commerce, Open Prairie, multiple angel investor networks, and more. Topics will include raising funding for business growth, finding development partners, implementing new technologies in clinical settings, and much more. The conference is designed to be of particular value for Louisiana technology entrepreneurs, university researchers, clinicians, and science, business, and law students that are interested in startups.

August 1, 2017 — Learn more about the conference here