BARDA Update: TMC Innovation Event

The eradication of any novel biological threat demands the development of groundbreaking technologies and treatments in our biomedical ecosystem. In the face of SARS-CoV-2, the Biomedical Advanced Development and Research Authority (BARDA) has played a crucial role in funding many critical medical countermeasures. The steps of identifying, adapting, and applying research and development to respond to novel threats like coronavirus can often be perplexing. In an effort to demystify this process and empower everyday researchers and biotech innovators, two BARDA DRIVe accelerators have teamed up. On August 25th, TMCx & M2D2 will be hosting “Demystifying Pathways to Innovation Partnerships with Health Systems”. Alongside representatives from BARDA, they will provide actionable insights on how to position your product to hospital stakeholders & key decision-makers. To learn more and register for this important & informative discussion, visit: