On November 18 at the Joy Theater, four life sciences startups will pitch to a panel of investors and industry expert judges for a $25,000 cash prize. This year’s finalists are:

‪BioAesthetics is improving reconstruction options for breast cancer patients after they undergo mastectomies. These women have several options for nipple-areolar complex (NAC) reconstruction, including surgery, tattoos, and prosthetics, but the success of these procedures is variable and some are not permanent. BioAesthetics has developed a graft that would instead allow the patient’s body to regenerate a permanent NAC.  

Flux Diagnostics
Flux aims to revolutionize rapid diagnosis of various diseases without the need for extensive training or complex equipment. The startup is developing fast, low cost in-vitro diagnostic tests with a unique detection system and multiplex technology. Flux is initially targeting dengue fever, a mosquito-borne virus that infects an estimated 390 million people worldwide each year.

InnoGenomics Technologies
InnoGenomics is dedicated to the development of innovative genetic testing solutions that solve crimes and save lives. Their patented technology enables forensic scientists to unlock answers from the most challenging DNA evidence, and it can be used to detect and monitor cancer through a minimally invasive blood test.

Zenopharm, a Xavier University spinout, is developing a drug candidate to treat and prevent recurrence of breast cancer. This is more effective in preventing recurrence at a fraction of the dosage required for the current standard-of-care drug tamoxifen. This will reduce adverse side effects, increase patient treatment adherence, and reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence.

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