PetVet Dx Revolutionizes Wildlife Conservation with AI and Molecular Diagnostics to
Combat Incurable CWD in Deer and Elk

Chronic wasting disease (CWD), a devastating prion illness that affects North American cervids
like deer and elk, poses a grave threat to their well-being and conservation efforts. Furthermore,
it presents a potential risk of human exposure. Until recently, diagnosing CWD in live animals
was a difficult task due to the absence of reliable diagnostic tests.

However, PetVet Dx achieved a significant breakthrough this summer.

Introducing the PetVet Dx Express CWD Multiplex Genes RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel™ Kit, a
ground-breaking solution meticulously validated and currently being manufactured by PetVet
Dx. In collaboration with the USDA, PetVet Dx is spearheading a $25 million initiative aimed at
eradicating Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) within the expansive deer and elk population of 40