AxoSim is Hiring

Are you looking for a fulfilling career in neurological drug discovery at a rapidly growing startup? AxoSim is looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher and a Research Associate! Learn more and apply:

AxoSim’s NerveSim™, powered by Nerve-on-a-Chip®, and BrainSim™ platforms are revolutionizing the way that biopharmaceutical companies develop neurological drugs, and empower advancements in human neuroscience so that patients in need can get the care they deserve.

AxoSim reduces clinical failure and enables companies to develop effective drugs more quickly and at a lower cost. They work with clients to become an integral part of the drug development process, fostering #innovation and facilitating breakthroughs in the treatment of the world’s most devastating diseases.

Learn more about their exceptional team, a little bit about life at AxoSim, and other career opportunities!